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We are the first pure-play animal health venture capital investor.

We support the increasing number of entrepreneurs in the animal health space to develop and grow their business.

Animal health

Animal health is closely linked to the health and wellbeing of humans. It impacts us in both livestock production and companion animal care.

By 2050, the world will need to double food production to feed a global population estimated to be 9.1 billion*. Meeting this demand involves the cost-effective production of safe, high-quality animal protein.

Our pets are part of our family and provide us with loyalty, companionship, love and affection. They can make our lives feel fuller and happier than ever, teaching us and making us happier and better.

The animal health space has developed over the past few years into a vibrant economic environment affecting billions of people worldwide.

* Source: United Nations World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision Population Database; USDA World Markets Livestock and Poultry; Census Bureau Int Meat Consumption; FAO The State of Food and Agriculture Report


Founding partners


George Gunn


Jarne Elleholm

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Matthias Hofer

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Christof Wolfer


Advisory group


Dr. Reinhard Ambros


Dr. Joe McCracken


Alan MacKay


Jonathan Symonds CBE

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